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Which cylinder printer is better?

Which cylinder printer is better?

I believe everyone has seen or even used UV printers, while cylinder printers are relatively rarely used. This article mainly introduces the development and application of UV cylinder Printer.


The UV bottle printer was originally developed to solve the problem of wine bottle printing. With the continuous expansion of market demand and the improvement of technology, the cylinder printer has made great progress and has been used in a wider field. It does not require the steps of making plates, printing plates, and repeating color registration. One person can complete all printing operations independently, which not only reduces labor costs, but also greatly improves the production effect. When external proofing is required, it is even more convenient. Take it immediately.


UV Rotary flatbed printer are compatible with different industries and are not limited by materials. The printed surface products such as wine bottles, cans, thermos cups, electronic cigarette tubes, lipstick tubes, aluminum tubes and other cylindrical craft gifts can be printed accurately and completely. It avoids the problem of position offset encountered by silk screen and other methods. However, the cylindrical printer also has its own shortcomings. It requires the printed products to be relatively regular, not weird, and the height difference is only within 15mm. If it exceeds this range, the printed pattern may appear scattered ink Effect.


So which cylinder printer is better? Winscolor cylinder printer adopts new automatic control technology, accurate printing area and position, high precision, fast speed, and the printed picture can be accurately etched, etc. For cylinder printing, We have small  UV flatbed printer 6090、UV Printer Machine 1610、UV large format printer 2513 etc for your choose. The equipment price is favorable, which reflects a strong market potential and breaks through the traditional The bottleneck of screen printing and pad printing has found a new profit growth point for customers.