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Effect of using expired UV ink on UV printer

UV ink is a necessity for flatbed printer equipment. How long is the ink shelf life of UV flatbed printer? This is a problem that UV printer customers are more concerned about. The general color has a shelf life of 1 year, and the white recommended use period is half a year. Some customers do not usually consume such a large amount of ink because they store a lot of ink. If they accidentally add expired UV ink, what impact will it have on the equipment and printing products?
What are the effects of using expired UV inks for UV printers?

1. The expired UV ink has poor adhesion, and it is easy to fall off when printed on the surface of the product;

2. The color of the goods printed by the expired UV ink is dull, the color is not bright, and the color error is large;

3. The circulation of ink is poor, unstable in use, and the printed products are scattered and blurred;

4. Because the ink is not used for a long time, it is easy to produce precipitation, especially white ink, which is extremely easy to precipitate and block the nozzle. If crystallization and precipitation are found, it cannot be added and used by shaking;

5. The expired UV ink is easy to break the needle, and the printed product has a PASS mark;

To sum up the above, the use of expired UV ink has a great impact, so everyone must not add expired UV ink to use, or use it in a mixture, otherwise the consequences will be very troublesome, and the ink circuit system will be cleaned up and the project will be delayed. If the print head is damaged seriously, it is necessary to purchase the print head again and replace the new ink system.