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Under the influence of the epidemic, can UV flatbed printing still look forward to the future?

With the outbreak of the new crown epidemic in 2020, in the face of economic downturn in all walks of life, is there still hope for the UV flatbed printer industry? Ntek will take you to analyze and discuss from the following aspects:

1.Cost advantage of UV printing: The printing cost of UV printer basically only needs to consider the cost of ink and electricity, and the labor cost is almost zero, because the UV printer supports multiple linkages, and it can be easily operated by one person. Compared with the tedious printing process of traditional silk screen printing, sometimes one machine needs to be operated by multiple people. Another point is that once the plate is finalized, it cannot be modified, the plate making cost is high, and the calculated printing cost is very expensive.

2.Wide range of UV printing and high efficiency: This is also the first major advantage of UV printing equipment. UV printing equipment is widely used in mobile phone cases, advertising printing, home improvement building materials, handicrafts, clothing bags, gift box packaging, digital electronics, etc. Limited by the material, as long as it is a flat material, it can be printed in color photo-level, that is, it dries immediately, and supports batch printing.

3.The UV printer is easy to operate: The UV printer not only has flexible printing solutions, but also has a simple and easy-to-learn operation mode. It can print any pattern on all flat products, and it can be printed immediately, and it supports batch printing without production limit. . It is also very simple and convenient to operate and use. Dingli will provide free training for customers who purchase the machine, one-on-one teaching by specialists, and novice can quickly and easily master it.

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4.Novel UV printing process: UV printing breaks through the bottleneck of traditional printing technology. Unlike the previous printing equipment that requires baking, drying and other processes, UV printers dry immediately after printing, and print the coating ink on the fabric and heat it to cure. a way. Traditional printing is relatively cumbersome in the printing process and has a long production cycle. It needs to be stretched on the screen frame and squeezed by a scraper, so that the ink is transferred to the substrate through the mesh of the graphic part to form the same graphic as the original. The screen printing plate cost is high, the screen printing point cannot be eliminated, the color is more complicated, and the printing cost is expensive.

5.Environmental advantages: Traditional pad printing and silk screen printing is gradually facing elimination as environmental protection becomes more and more strict. The UV flatbed printer is non-toxic and harmless to the environment and the human body, no noise, no waste ink, no sewage, and green environmental protection.

6.Market advantage: In the long run, UV flatbed printers will gradually replace traditional printers. The market environment of low cost and high profit has also responded quite well. Especially for the advertising industry, decoration industry, digital accessories industry, it is a must-have product. Furthermore, there are not many people who know this industry at present, and it belongs to the blue ocean industry.

To sum up, do you think there is still hope and prospect for UV printers?