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What products can uv printer print
The uv printer can print any flat material, as well as regular cylinders. It is not restricted by any material. It can be used on tiles, glass, sliding doors, cabinet doors, sliding doors, plates, various signs, crystals, PVC, acrylic, T-shirts, Color photo-level printing on metal, plastic, stone, leather and other surfaces.


The uv printer does not need to make a plate to complete the printing at one time, with beautiful and rich colors, abrasion resistance, UV protection, simple and convenient operation, fast image printing speed, and conforms to industrial printing standards. It can be widely used in silk screen special printing industry, gift processing industry, sign and identification industry, decoration and decoration industry, personalized printing industry and so on. Therefore, it is also called home improvement printer, background wall printer, tile printer, glass printer, furniture printing machine, sign printing machine, PVC printing machine, metal printing machine, leather printing machine, acrylic color printing machine, etc.


The specific application scope of uv printer is as follows


①. Home and store decoration. UV flatbed printers can print high-precision pictures on various decoration materials such as tiles, marbles, paint-free panels, aluminum-plastic panels, wood panels and even walls, providing a variety of content and ideas for home improvement and shop decoration.


②. Advertising. UV flatbed printers can print on walls, acrylic, plexiglass, aluminum-plastic panels, two-color panels, PVC panels, KT panels, wood panels, various plastic papers, fabrics, so that it can be used in outdoor advertising, road signs, monograms and signs, etc. In production, it has a broad market application space.


③ Image. Printing digital images on any medium may be its application. It will creatively combine the style of the image with the change of the medium. In this way, the traditional photo is sandwiched between glass and a rigid board, and then fixed in the picture frame. This decoration method in here has been expanded. like:


1. Print images on metal, plastic, wood, cardboard, glass, ceramic and other plates;


2. Print high-temperature permanent images on glass plates and ceramic plates;


3. Print images on various plastic paper, cloth, silk, silk, leaves, bark and other materials.


④, ready-to-wear printing, T-shirt printing. As long as there is a flat surface on your ready-made clothes, it can be printed on the bottom of this UV flatbed printer. At present, there is no such kind of UV flatbed printer for ready-made garments with mature technology in my country or even in the world. At present, ready-made garment printing adopts the method of screen printing and thermal transfer. Thermal transfer has many equipment, time-consuming, and time-consuming methods. Laborious, high cost, and poor printing results. With these difficulties that this UV flatbed printer can overcome, there will be a big market. You can imagine how broad the prospects for the promotion and use of this UV flatbed printer technology are. .


⑤, gifts. Print auspicious patterns, blessing language, images of you or the other party on your gift packaging, so that not only can you fully express your feelings, but the other party will also be surprised and remember you. Why not do this? ?


⑥. Handicraft market. For example, wood carving crafts, glass crafts, hand embroidery, straw painting, stickers, pyrography, etc., these crafts must first draw outlines by hand before making them, and some must draw exquisite patterns by hand before making them. Now, as long as You have a digital pattern, as long as there is a pattern that you can get (it includes the pattern that can be taken by the camera or downloaded on the Internet), and you can output it to any plane, which is much better than manual drawing. In this way, If you have a flatbed UV flatbed printer, would you still worry about fewer skilled workers or poor skills?


⑦. Personalized service market. For example, printing personalized patterns on mobile phones, laptop computers, various hats, backpacks, shoulder bags, handbags, etc., in this project, the revenue may be the highest, because it faces the end consumers, and the customers use them to make Service providers print, market development will be risky, but if done well, profits will be high.


⑧. Office use of various enterprises and institutions. Such as: printing road signs and monograms; printing hard tents; printing uniforms, t-shirts, handbags; printing boards on the wall, printing various rules and regulations, printing business operating procedures, printing notices or notices, printing advertising calligraphy and painting; on hard boards Or print calligraphy, paintings, images, plaques, etc. on the glass.


⑨. Use this UV flatbed printer to ink-jet screen printing screen!


In the end, what products the uv printer can do are introduced in great detail. Many laymen who want to enter this industry can refer to it, and hope to help everyone!