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The newly upgraded YC-3321 UV printer doubles the production capacity

The newly upgraded YC-3321 UV printer doubles the production capacity


Winscolor is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the R&D and manufacturing of industrial-grade digital printing equipment. It provides sophisticated UV printer equipment and complete uv printing application processing plans for industrial manufacturing companies.


YC-3321 UV printer


In order to adapt to the ever-changing market, Winscolor Digital has developed a variety of products such as uv flatbed printers, uv coiling machines, uv roll-to-roll printers, etc., and formulated Kyocera linear motors, naked eye 3D dot gratings, white color varnish synchronous output, etc. to meet market demand Multiple options.


In addition to using the linear motor plan, Winscolor Digital also suspended the update and upgrade of the structure of YC-3321:


(1) The number of nozzles has doubled. "The world of martial arts, only fast is not broken", this is an old saying that Winscolor Digital often uses. High efficiency is the eternal pursuit of UV printers, and "fast" is the hard core condition for UV printers to win the market. In response to customer demand, the number of nozzles of the YC-3321 roll-in-plate machine was doubled, and the printer's production capacity doubled rapidly, greatly improving consumption efficiency and saving production time.


(2) It can print the soft and hard rolls commonly used in the market without wrinkle. It's not enough just to pay attention to efficiency, you have to pay attention to the quality of printing. Some printers have high printing efficiency, but the quality cannot bear to look directly at it. Needless to say, YC-3321 allows the picture to be nuanced and high resolution. It can print soft and hard rolls such as soft film, knife scraping cloth, etc., which are commonly used in the market, and ensure that the printed rolls are not wrinkled. This is not Any printer can do it.


(3) Continuous and durable printing without deviation. Can the UV printer be judged if the efficiency and quality are there? Whether the UV printer is good or not depends on its stability. Assuming that a UV printer needs to be repaired at every turn, it won’t work if it is offset at every turn. YC-3321 has strong stability, which can ensure continuous, durable and stable printing without deviation.