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What is the reason for the abnormal motion of UV printer car

The UV flatbed printer completes the pattern printing through the continuous movement of the car on the X-axis and the Y-axis and the Inkjet of the printhead. The stable and accurate positioning of the printing car plays a key role in the printing effect.


UV printer car during the moving process, if it is found that the car moving process is abnormal, abnormal sound, motionless or wrong positioning, it should be stopped for inspection.

Possible causes and solutions for the abnormal movement or positioning error of the UV printer:

1. The level of the rail beam is wrong, and the level of the rail beam needs to be adjusted;

2. There are debris in the guide rail or beam, which needs to be cleaned;

3. There are sundries in the screw, or there are cracks in the screw, which cause the Y-axis movement or positioning error;

4. The belt is broken or aging, resulting in insufficient power supply, and the belt needs to be replaced;

5. There are sundries in the grating, causing positioning errors. Clean up the grating sundries. If the grating system is physically damaged, a new grating system needs to be replaced;

6. Hardware errors such as control card boards need to be handled by contacting the manufacturer;

In addition, the motion positioning of the UV flatbed printing car is automatically controlled by the system. When printing positioning and moving, do not push the car by hand, and control the car to move to the area to be printed by the printing software. When shutting down, wait until the car returns to the original position before disconnecting the power supply. Do not disconnect the power in advance.