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Winscolor UV Flatbed Printer for high drop printing

Winscolor UV Flatbed Printer for high drop printing

With the wide application of UV digital printing, the problem of concave-convex material printing is being broken through.

Winscolor innovative breakthrough YC2513L RICOH GEN6 UV flatbed printer, which further accelerates the development of enterprises in the digital field with the creative "high drop UV printing solution".


What is high drop UV printing?

High drop UV printing means that the UV flatbed printer is upgraded from the traditional 5mm limit drop printing to up to 20mm drop printing, which can also ensure the printing accuracy. It is mainly used for various irregular surfaces with large height differences.Can cover luggage, toys, handicrafts, home improvement, sculpture and other industries, and its personalized customization market is huge.




Winscolor high drop UV printing solution

1. Can print up to 40cm thick medium

The ordinary model can print media with a thickness of up to 10cm, which has great limitations, while YC2513L Beam lifting can reach 40cm, which can easily cope with ultra-high materials and high-low drop printing. And it realizes the doubles the speed when printing white and color, avoids multiple repeated operations, and meets the needs of bidirectional printing.

2. Printable drop up to 20mm

The highest printing depth that can be printed by traditional flatbed printers is only 5mm, and there are often problems such as flying ink and inaccurate placement. Winscolor’s high drop UV printer breaks through the technical bottleneck of UV printers and can print with a drop of up to 20mm.

3. Professionally develop board waveforms

The independent professional research and development of custom boards and waveform files are used to control the print head to print at low voltage and normal temperature, so as to ensure that the service life of the print head is not affected.

4. Using professional ink

Winscolor high drop UV printer adopts UV ink with high viscosity and high surface, which is customized for high drop printing requirements.