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Introduction to UV flat machine coating

In the application of UV flatbed printer, the UV printing process can directly print ordinary object materials with ink, but some special materials will not absorb ink, or the ink is difficult to attach to its smooth surface, such as glass UV tablet, metal UV tablet, acrylic UV tablet, leather UV tablet, PVCuv tablet, etc., so the surface of the object needs to be treated with coating, Make the UV ink and printing materials combine with each other and present a perfect UV printing effect.

Before UV printing, the coating must be firmly attached to the print media, and can be well integrated with the ink without affecting the rendering effect of the ink on the media.

Not all coatings can be used on different materials. Coatings are selected for printing media and ink. The coating will take many minutes, such as metal coating, ABS coating, leather coating, silicone coating, glass coating, PC coating, etc. Ntek will introduce the following types of commonly used coatings: 

1、 Glass coating


Suitable for printing organic glass, toughened glass, ceramics, ceramic tiles, crystal, etc. Special treatment is required, including transparent and white, both of which can be used for bright and matte effects. For those with higher requirements for water resistance, white oil is usually used. Adhesion is very important. The white oil should not be too strong, or the pattern will be easily dissolved. It needs to be sprayed twice.

How to solve the problem of color fading after UV printing?


2、 PC coating 

PC is a hard material, and its adhesion is not easy to pass. It is applicable to PS, PP, PVC and other materials starting with P.


3、 Metallic coating


CP: Metal, quick drying; Spraying requirements, the surface is thick, otherwise it is easy to fall off; 

DY: metal, ceramic, slightly slower than CP; It is applicable to aluminum, copper plate, tinplate, aluminum alloy and other materials, as well as ceramic tiles and tempered glass, which need special treatment. They are transparent and white, both of which can be used for bright and matte effects. 

4、 ABS coating


CU, ABS vial: acrylic, plastic, bamboo and wood. Pay attention to whether the surface is burnt. There are many kinds of ABS materials, which are suitable for wood, PVC, ABS, gypsum board, thickened kraft paper, acrylic, PS, PVC, ordinary plastics, etc. There are transparent and white materials, both of which can be used for bright and matte effects. ABS large bottle: according to the customer's materials, judge which one to use, the spraying requirements and the uniform surface.

5、 Leather coating

It is applicable to leather, leather, PVC leather, PU leather, etc. There are two kinds of transparent and white leather, both of which can be used for bright and matte effects.