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Choose the right consumables for your UV printer

The problem of printer consumables, here we focus on uv ink, because this is the most expensive of all consumables. There are many UV ink products on the market now. In addition to those developed by UV printer manufacturers, there are also some suppliers that only do ink. When purchasing, users are often overwhelmed by the various "personalized" promotions of manufacturers, and do not know what kind of products to buy.


In fact, when users buy ink for UV printers, as long as they comprehensively compare the four performance indicators of UV ink, including the printing effect, product quality, cost of consumables, and after-sales service, they can quickly find the most suitable one for themselves. Here, users are recommended to choose the matching ink of the equipment manufacturer. After all, the ink recommended by the manufacturer is prepared according to the data accumulated and precipitated by countless printing practices, and the compatibility with their own equipment should be the best.


When you have used the original ink from the manufacturer for a period of time and have a better understanding of the industry, you can try to change the ink type yourself. In addition to observing the printing effect of the new brand ink, it is also necessary to pay attention to whether the printhead of the UV printer will be blocked after a long time of use, white lines will appear in the printing, ink breakage, etc. If such a phenomenon occurs, it is likely to be ink. The quality is unstable and the ink purity is not high. Do not choose some anonymous brand inks in order to save costs, which will not only affect the printing effect, but even worse, such inks may not meet the requirements of environmental protection and health.