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What does the improvement of the fineness of the UV printer depend on?

Many customers who are ready to buy UV printers, are basically inseparable from the brand, price, after-sales, machine quality, printing speed and fineness. Among them, speed and fineness is the most direct printing effect of UV printer, of course, for industrial applications, the manufacturing quality of the machine itself is also very important stability.


UV inkjet printing is based on cyan (C) red (M) and yellow (Y) three primary color subtractive color rendering method.  CMY these three inks can mix the most colors, and the widest gamut. And the three primary colors can not be mixed out of real black, need special black (K), so UV printer often said that the four colors is CMYK.


UV printer nozzle orifice by controlling different color Inkjet action, make all kinds of ink form point of ink in the print media, the imaging principle, called halftone image, also is only a single color ink rendering, and the use of different ways of ink dots size and distribution density, form a full color image.


Ink spot size plays a prerequisite role in the fineness of UV printers. From the development trend of inkjet printing heads, the size of the jet hole is getting smaller, the number of skin liters of the minimum ink drops is declining, and the resolution is improving. Now the market such as RICOH, Epson these mainstream spray nozzle, the minimum ink drop is PL.


In addition, the addition of light ink with the same color system, so that the need for low concentration output can be used in the case of more light ink to replace the thick ink, making the image of the color level transition more natural, more full of layers. Therefore, for UV printer precision requirements of friends, you can consider with light blue (LC) and light magenta (LM) ink, which is often said to be six colors, very individual can even be matched with three orders of black ink.