Winscolor is an exporter of UV digital printing machines . Now our printer series include UV Flatbed printer, UV Flatbed with Roll to roll printer, and UV Hybrid printer, as well as smart UV printer. 


24/7 Service

After-sales Service

Machine Warranty

Machine Warranty

The machine warranty period is 1 year (excluding: nozzles, ink circuit systems, etc., equipment damage caused by incorrect operation, natural disasters, force majeure, private changes, etc.) is not covered by the warranty), free installation, free software upgrades

Quick Reply Within 2 Hours

Quick Reply Within 2 Hours

Quick response within 2 hours. After the after-sales engineer receives the repair report from the user, he will give a clear answer or arrive at the equipment site within 24 hours

Technical Support

Technical Support

Network remote service and 400 telephone service. Professionally trained engineers provide technical support and services to global users through the Internet; mainly use social software such as QQ, WeChat, Teamviewer, etc., to quickly find faults online and solve them in a short time. Ensuring better use of the device by users

Regular Maintenance

Regular Maintenance

During the warranty period, the company will send engineers and technicians from time to time to carry out technical inspection, daily maintenance and equipment inspection on the user's equipment to solve the user's doubts.

  • How long is the service life of UV flatbed printers?

    The service life of UV flatbed printers usually depends on the overall design and structure of the machine, plus the quality of related configurations, industrial models of equipment, imported accessories, and powerful manufacturers. The life of UV printers will be longer. Generally speaking, the overall warranty of the UV printer is one year. When there is a failure during use, if the parts are broken and cannot be repaired, the replacement parts can be solved, so the life span can only be used for a single part, not for the whole machine!
    There are two kinds of service life of uv flatbed printer, one is the service life of the whole machine, and the other is the service life of the nozzle.
    1. The service life of the whole machine is between 8-15 years;
    2. The service life of the sprinkler head is between 6 months and 3 years, mainly depending on the type of the sprinkler head. The civil series have a short lifespan and the industrial series have a long lifespan.
    There are also uv flatbed printers in the process of use, pay attention to maintenance and maintenance, which can make the life of the uv printer longer. Therefore, the primary issue of choosing a uv printer should be considered from the stability of the printer, the choice of nozzles, subsequent maintenance costs (the price of replacing the nozzles), after-sales service and other factors.

  • What is the solution to the uv flatbed printer not responding?

    I saw a lot of people on the Internet that the uv flatbed printer did not respond, and the editor of Wan Lida had some questions before. The uv printer used by our proofing department has never seen this situation. I specifically asked our technicians about this problem, and learned from him the reason and the uv flatbed printer not responding and what solutions are there. The editor of Wan Lida can't wait to tell you about it.

    1.First check if the uv flatbed printer is online, if not, there is no way to print. The solution is to ensure that the power of the uv flatbed printer is turned on, and then operate online.

    2.See if the uv flatbed printer is set to pause printing, so that even if you operate the computer to print, there is no way to print. The solution is to cancel the pause setting in the software operation with uv flatbed printer.

    3.Go to the computer to see if the uv flatbed printer is set as the default print format. If it is not set as the default printer, there will be no way to send the print content to the printer, and the uv flatbed printer will not respond. The solution is to set the uv flatbed printer as the default printer in the computer printing program.

    4.If the uv flatbed printer still does not respond after being set as the default printer, it may be that the printer port used in the printer program is not appropriate. The solution is to open the printer printing software and set the appropriate printing port for the uv printer.

    It turns out that all the problems are because we accidentally or accidentally encountered the settings and changed its operating instructions. Through the uv flatbed printer solution and non-response reasons mentioned by the editor of Wan Lida, will the problem be solved if you encounter such a problem? If not, you can consult Wan Lida technical staff.

  • What should I do if the white ink of the uv tablet nozzle is blocked?

    The cause of the white ink clogging of the nozzle of the uv flatbed printer: Caused by long-term use of white ink or expired white ink. White ink is different from other color inks. Long-term use will cause precipitation and block the nozzle.
    Solution: Clean the print head with cleaning fluid, replace the ink bag, and replace the white ink (it is recommended that you do not add too much white ink at a time). Finally, clean the print head holder with ultrasonic waves, or replace with a new one.

  • Which uv printer nozzle is better?

    For uv printer nozzles, Epson, Seiko, and Ricoh all have their own low-end, mid-end, and high-end series. Different types of nozzles have different advantages. You cannot say one-sidedly whether this is good or which is bad. You can choose the nozzle that suits your material requirements from the following five technical levels.

    Comparison of Epson, Ricoh and Seiko nozzles:

    1. Printing accuracy: Epson fifth-generation print head> Seiko gs1024 print head> Ricoh print head.

    2. Nozzle life: Seiko nozzle> Ricoh nozzle> Epson nozzle.

    3. Nozzle price: Ricoh 5th generation nozzle> Seiko gs1024 nozzle> Epson fifth generation nozzle.

    4. Nozzle stability: Seiko nozzle> Ricoh nozzle> Epson nozzle.

    5. Matching coating varnish process plan: Epson nozzle> Seiko nozzle> Ricoh nozzle.

    6. Corresponding to the manufacturer's technical level: Seiko nozzle> Ricoh nozzle> Epson nozzle.

    In fact, do not worry about which one to choose. The nozzle is definitely better to use an industrial nozzle. Although the initial price is more expensive, the later maintenance is very simple. And the quality of the industrial head is better.

    If your printing volume is not large, you can still choose Epson print heads. C


Technical Trainning

After signing the contract, the production order is placed, our customer service staff will make an appointment for the following training.

After the traineel information is submitted for registration, the customer service will notify the customer to arrange the training time.

Theory & Practical Training

Theory & Practical Training Test

After passing the written test,during the operation training, you must strictly abide by the safety and operation rules.


Trainees shall register at the front desk at the appointed time for arranging accommodation and providing daily use.

After joining the training course, the instructor will arrange the grouping of trainees and each training content.


Passing the examination and issueing a certification

After graduation, you can operate the machine directly.

Professional training can help the development of the enterprise.