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What are the common UV coatings in UV printing?

As we all know, UV flatbed printer is also known as universal printer, which can carry out personalized printing on flat materials. UV printers have the advantages of instant drying, high printing accuracy and good results. But do you know that some flat materials require a coat before printing to increase the adhesion of the ink for a perfect finish. Today, Ntek will talk about the common UV coatings.

1. Metal coating: suitable for aluminum, copper plate, iron, aluminum alloy, ceramics, etc.

2. ABS coating: suitable for acrylic, plastic, wood, PVC, ABS, gypsum board, thickened kraft paper, acrylic, PS, PVC, ordinary plastic, etc.

3. Leather coating: suitable for genuine leather, leather, PVC leather, PU leather, etc.

4. Glass coating: suitable for plexiglass, tempered glass, ceramics, ceramic tiles, crystal, etc.

5. PC coating: suitable for PS, PP, PVC, etc.

 When using coatings, many people will ask: Can UV printer coatings be used on various substrates? Generally speaking, they can be used universally if adhesion is not considered. However, considering the adhesion of printed products, we recommend the use of special coatings. UV printer coating is for substrates and inks, one substrate corresponds to one coating, and the performance of the ink should also be considered.