Winscolor digital printing machine was exported since 2015, with widespread praise and recognition by our customers, our printers are welcome more than 150 countries in Asia, Europe, Australia and Africa etc.

Winscolor demonstrates the strength of uv printing equipment

Winscolor demonstrates the strength of uv printing equipment


Jin Yumin, Head of Marketing of Winscolor Technology: "We are very satisfied with this latest product. The support of our customers has given us confidence and trust in this industry. We have the best trustworthy brands from all over the country. Technology and solutions."


Winscolor Digital Marketing Manager said: "The 2.5 wide format printer is a competitive, profitable and economical integrated production-level printer. With a considerable monthly production capacity, it can provide a wide range of applications-including white and double Surface printing. Thanks to the LED cold curing technology, it can be printed on a variety of substrates. It has better ink consumption and lower power consumption. With the help of 7pl UltraDrop technology, it can generate rich graphics and text, real The resolution is up to 847 dpi, and the printing speed is 25 square meters per hour. "The printer offers four colors and optional white, using super ink drop technology.


Cold-curing LED technology enables you to do more with less money, increase your profit opportunities by providing more high-profit jobs, while reducing operating costs and environmental footprint," the printer’s large number of optional features enable users Can improve efficiency to speed up turnkey production. Optional online slitting machine, automatic slitting, is a key additional function, by reducing or completely eliminating the need to process print jobs on a separate finishing table, helping users increase throughput.


The marketing manager concluded: "We are confident that the new equipment will improve our printing capabilities and will certainly prove to be profitable. We look forward to adding and adding more printers and other equipment from Winscolor in the next few years."

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