Winscolor digital printing machine was exported since 2015, with widespread praise and recognition by our customers, our printers are welcome more than 150 countries in Asia, Europe, Australia and Africa etc.

Winscolor launches 2513L flatbed printer

Winscolor launches 2513L flatbed printer


Winscolor Marketing Manager Jin Yumin said: "We are working closely with many leading innovative packaging companies to show them important strategies to drive their business to a successful digital future."


2513L flatbed printer


Whether starting from rigid applications, large-format graphics industry, or looking for diversification into new applications, 2513L can provide high image quality, productivity and reliability, application versatility and excellent total cost of ownership. Designed for productivity and application versatility, as the 2513L printing technology uses advanced ink droplet size selection technology to provide photo-realistic images, it can produce excellent image quality. It can handle substrates with a size of up to 2.5*1.3m and a thickness of up to 400mm, and can print uv flatbed printer technology and its UV-LED curing at a speed of up to 25 square meters per hour. It can be used on standard or porous surfaces. Realize a range of durable applications on rigid or flexible media, including glass, aluminum and other metals, canvas, wood, glass, ceramic tiles and plastics.


The uv flatbed printer technology uses variable droplet sizes from 6 to 42 picoliters. This not only produces sharp images, but it also means that the Winscolor printing process consumes up to 50% less ink than a conventional 6-color (CMYK) fixed-droplet size flatbed printer. Winscolor2513L has an instant start function and a very short warm-up time, thanks to its LED lights, so it has low energy consumption.


Winscolor Marketing Manager Jin Yumin said: "Winscolor is known for its image quality, productivity, reliability, and application versatility. It has won multiple awards and installed more than 7,500 units worldwide. Winscolor2513L is introduced to the market and we I hope to provide an ideal flatbed platform for any interested party to print multiple applications on rigid and flexible media."