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Background wall UV printer maintenance conditions

Background wall UV printer maintenance conditions


1. Remember to shut down after use

I believe that many users of background wall uv printers have some unfavorable habit, that is, they often forget to turn off the machine, whether it is because of laziness or forgetting to turn off the power of the background wall uv printer, if it is not turned off for a long time, the machine will not be good. Impact. In order to save energy, some users will directly disconnect the power plug or turn off the power strip switch. This wrong power-off behavior is not beneficial to the printer. These bad habits will increase the defect rate of the printer and shorten the life of the printer.


2. Try not to choose defective data

Many users often choose low cost as their starting point, and choose inferior printing materials instead of high-quality printing materials from the background wall uv printer. I don’t know that this is a manifestation of superficial vision. If the density and brightness of the wallpaper are not high enough, it will not only damage the nozzle of the uv printer on the background wall, but also affect the presentation of the printing effect. Therefore, we must ensure the quality of the wallpaper. Good shoddy.


3. To store ink cartridges properly

The effect of ink cartridges on the background wall uv printer is obvious. If you want to show a good printing effect, if you want to lower the printing cost, you must learn to correctly use and store the background wall uv printer's ink cartridges. So how to do a good job of depositing the ink cartridges of the uv printer on the background wall? That is to be careful, remove the ink cartridge gently to ensure that the outer packaging is intact, and wrap it in the original packaging to ensure that it is isolated from the outside world.