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How to quickly judge the performance of UV flatbed printer


1. Small Letter Printing Judgment method

When understanding the performance of Uv printers, you can usually measure the corresponding accuracy by printing small letters. No matter what type of UV flatbed printer, the accuracy test is the most basic condition. So what method is used to test the accuracy of UV flatbed printer?


Normally, PS is used to print 3-point font on the entire A4 paper. After printing clear, there is no glint is not fuzzy, then the accuracy is relatively qualified level. If there is a double shadow, then that is the printer printing process, the vibration is too large, this is the design of the Uv printer is not reasonable, or the use of accessories, equipment technology level is not enough, so when the printer is running, there will be vibration.


2. Rectangle Border Printing Judgment Method

Run the UV flatbed printer to make a rectangular frame, if the rectangle is diamond or trapezoid or irregular shape after printing, it indicates that the rectangle proofing has been seriously out of position, the accuracy of the equipment has not reached the qualified standard. At the same time according to the quadrilateral diagonal principle, the use of measuring ruler to measure the diagonal, to see whether the equal length.


3. Tic-tac-toe Printing Judgment Method

During the inspection of the supplier's factory, the factory proofing staff can be required to repeat the printing of tic-tac-toe for 10 times and observe the printed tic-tac-toe pattern by using a special magnifying glass of 40 times. If the pattern is consistent with the height of the picture and there is no deviation after repeated printing, it indicates that the accuracy of the Uv flatbed printer has passed the test.


Of course, to buy the best printer, there are many factors that need to be judged, their printing materials for the accuracy of the requirements, to buy a suitable printer for their own use, to consider the price, quality and service are in the industry head level of the printer brand.