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Maintenance skills of Ricoh UV printer printhead

The key part of UV printer is the nozzle. The cost of the nozzle accounts for 50% of the machine cost, so the daily maintenance of the nozzle is very important. What are the maintenance skills of Ricoh nozzle?

1. The first is to use the automatic software cleaning of inkjet printer.


2. If you want to stop during the printing process, don't turn off the power directly, but turn off the printing program first, and then turn off the power after the nozzle cap, because it is not easy to let the ink exposed in the air evaporate and dry up and block the nozzle.

3. If the nozzle is checked to be blocked at the beginning of printing, the ink left in the ink head should be extracted from the ink injection place of the ink cartridge by ink pumping method. It is necessary to prevent the extracted ink from flowing back into the ink head, which will cause ink mixing, and the extracted waste ink contains impurities to avoid blocking the nozzle again.

4. If the previous results are not good, use the last method. Each UV printer will be equipped with a syringe and a detergent. When the nozzle is blocked, we can inject detergent into the blocked nozzle for cleaning until the nozzle is dredged.