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What is the difference between soft ink and hard ink?


We all know that UV flatbed printer can print on the surface of a lot of flat material objects, so more and more people have begun to put into the use of such machines for product processing or advertising production in the industry, manufacturers also require customers not to use other ink or random replacement of ink, a large part of the reason is that the ink is now divided into soft ink and hard ink (of course, different brands of ink can not be mixed), customers do not understand the situation below buy incompatible ink, it is easy to make the nozzle blocked or directly cause the nozzle can not be used. So what's the difference between soft ink and hard ink?


UV flatbed printer soft ink and hard ink difference one: the applicable material is not the same, hard ink is suitable for metal, hard plastic, ceramic tile, signs, acrylic, glass this kind of material above, and soft ink is suitable for leather, advertising cloth, soft plastic shell this kind of material above. Difference between 2: Soft ink has stronger pressure resistance and ductility. It can be printed on soft materials using UV flatbed printer, and there will be no fault in the case of distortion of the material. Hard ink is more suitable for hard materials, and the adhesion of printing on this kind of material is also better. So according to different printing materials need to choose different ink.



Uv flatbed printer in the soft ink and hard ink have the above two differences, so do not easily replace the manufacturer's ink, some customers consider the cheap ink to buy outside, but Ntek suggested or directly use the manufacturer's ink, which is conducive to the quality of the machine and the quality of printing.