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Under what circumstances will UV printers use varnish

Under what circumstances will UV printers use varnish


UV varnish enhances the gloss and three-dimensional effect of the printed picture through embellishment or covering, thereby enhancing the display of the picture. Therefore, it is widely used in posters, POP, labels and other fields, and has been recognized and loved by the majority of inkjet companies. Which materials need varnishing? The editor will take everyone to understand it together.


Under normal circumstances, after the printing work of the UV printer is completed, in order to have artistic creativity on the printing surface, or according to the needs of the customer, a layer of varnish is applied to the surface of the printed matter. This not only enhances the light resistance, dirt resistance, and abrasion resistance of the pattern, but also improves the moisture and heat resistance of the article. Play the role of protection and beautification, but not all products need varnish treatment, this should be decided according to the scene of use.


In fact, varnish is something similar to varnish, it can improve the partial or overall gloss, it can be simply divided into overall varnish and partial varnish. Overall varnish means to cover the surface of an object with a layer of varnish, which is generally common in ceramic tiles, acrylic, wood and other materials. We do not recommend using a UV machine to complete the overall varnish. One is because the project is large, the cost is high, and it is too easy to damage the nozzle. The spray head can be sprayed by machine. The other is partial varnish. UV printer partial varnish is to varnish part of the surface of the finished product. Partial varnish is actually used to polish the graphic parts of the finished product that need to be emphasized or have special meaning. The varnish is used. The oil part is compared with the low-gloss picture, and the quality of the printing is more artistic, which can improve the grade of the product. Partial varnish can be printed directly by a printer, and a flatbed printer can directly add a nozzle for printing varnish.