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What are the supporting equipment for uv printers

What are the supporting equipment for uv printers


Although the uv printer has its powerful functions, it is ultimately weak. In many fields, many industries need other supporting equipment to assist. The technology complements each other, and more is a combination of strong and powerful. The final result is that the product technology is upgraded to achieve The finishing touch, and then the value of the product is sublimated, bringing more benefits to users.


What kind of supporting equipment does the uv printer have? Due to the different application industries of uv printers, users can choose the supporting equipment according to their own industry. The following is a detailed introduction


1. Application of uv printer in home improvement industry


The first thing that the home improvement industry thinks of is the background wall. How is the background wall crafted? Of course, it must be inseparable from the uv flatbed printer. Not to mention, then after the uv printer prints the pattern, what process will it go through? And what kind of equipment is needed for processing?


In the background wall or decorative painting in the home improvement industry, some use ceramic tile background wall, glass background wall, integrated wall panel background wall, microcrystalline composite background wall, granite slab background wall, waterjet mosaic background wall and many other techniques!


1) The supporting equipment required for the ceramic tile background wall is 1. Engraving machine (color carving process) 2. Shower coater or roller coater (lighting process of varnishing oil). The two processes can be used together or separately.


2) The supporting equipment required for the glass background wall is 1, spraying machine (upper coating) 2, car engraving machine (parquet process)


3) The supporting equipment required for the integrated wall panel background wall is 1, the shower coater (the glossing process of the varnish)


4) The necessary equipment for the microcrystalline composite background wall is 1. High temperature laminating furnace (high temperature fusion process) 2. Edge grinding machine (edge grinding process)


5) The supporting equipment required for the background wall of the granite slab is 1. The granite penetrating machine (high temperature penetrating process)


6) Waterjet mosaic background wall requires supporting equipment: 1. Waterjet machine (carving mosaic craft)


The above is the background wall technology in addition to the main equipment of the uv printer, but also the supporting equipment required. According to the different background wall technology, the supporting equipment is also different!


Second, the application of uv printers in the advertising industry


What supporting equipment is needed in the advertising industry? The advertising industry does not need a lot of supporting equipment


1) First is the engraving machine (engraving and cutting process)

2) Next is the curtain coater (PVC varnish)

3) Next is the inkjet printer (make soft film light box, inkjet cloth)


Third, what kind of supporting equipment does the application of uv printers in the digital color printing processing industry need?


The digital color printing industry is relatively simple, and there are not many supporting equipment. Here are two points: one is the digital shell, the other is the textile printing industry


1) How do they make digital housings, such as mobile phone housings, charging treasure housings, power supply housings, cosmetics housings, etc., and what kind of supporting equipment are needed?


They don’t need supporting equipment, and some of them need partial varnish. Just add a UV nozzle to the uv printer to print varnish, simple and convenient


2) The necessary equipment for the textile printing industry includes 1. Pressing machine (drying clothes) 2. Spray gun (spraying treatment liquid)


Comprehensive: The above are the supporting equipment that the uv printer needs to use in the industry application, but it is not absolute, I hope it will be helpful to everyone