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What are the characteristics of UV flatbed printers
UV flatbed printer has a history of many years abroad, it uses LED technology, power is only 80W, power saving and environmental protection, no need to preheat, no heat radiation, no deformation of printing materials, long life of LED lamp, waterproof and anti-ultraviolet, It has the advantages of extremely low maintenance cost and so on. So, do you want to know more about UV flatbed printers? The following editor will take you to understand the characteristics and manufacturers of UV flatbed printers!


First, the characteristics of UV flatbed printer


1. Can be quickly dried to avoid pollution


The UV flatbed printer adopts a focusing type reflector design, and the light energy of UV is very concentrated, which can effectively improve the light curing efficiency. The inks of UV flatbed printers are cured and can be dried quickly to avoid contamination.



Features of UV Flatbed Printer


2. Low energy consumption


The UV flatbed printer uses an alumina plate mirror, and uses a cold light source reflection, which can reach 90% reflectivity, and is a low-energy device.


3, no radiation performance is very stable


The UV flatbed printer has a long service life. It adopts a lampshade shape design, which emits bright light and has no radiation, which can present a perfect printing ratio. And the performance is very stable, it can achieve fast drying, the stability of the ink is better, and it can be maintained for a longer time.


4. Can be used on almost all power sources


The UV flatbed printer hardly needs maintenance, its power is very small, only 80w, and it can be used on almost all power sources. It can be used as office printing equipment and home printing equipment. The printed things can be quickly dried without smearing and so on. It is a new type of equipment.