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The factors affecting the printing quality of UV printer

The effect of UV printer mainly focuses on three factors: the printed image, the printed material and the printed ink dot.

For example, in the process of printing the image, I did not change the design of the original computer drawing, but the printed image is very dark. The original edited image is very bright, but the printed image is dark. The main reason for this is that on the image curve, in general, the function of the curve is to specially adjust the color proportion, The printed pattern needs to be restored in strict proportion, that is, even if the accuracy and pass channel of the original drawing are not modified, the image in the computer cannot be printed with the original UV flat-panel printer without setting the depth of the curve, which has certain experience and technical requirements for the operator, Of course, the adjustment curve can be consulted with the UV printer manufacturer you purchased, and they can assist in adjustment.

Second, there is also a certain relationship between the printing medium and the printing effect, that is, the commonly said substrate, such as the hardness, gloss and flatness of the material, will affect the final imaging effect of the UV printer. The color depth before and after output is very common. There is also the adsorption of the material on the ink, just like the drying speed of the brush after writing on different paper Diffusion is the same.

Third, the control of ink quantity is also very important, and the nozzle of the equipment itself plays an important role.