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Winscolor launches 6090 uv printer series

Winscolor launches 6090 uv printer series


Winscolor Technology has launched the 6090 and 2513-the next generation of UV printers that have been uniquely designed to elevate the production of labels, packaging, signs, displays and interior decoration to a new level.


6090uv printer


In addition to these new printers, new certified UV inks are also available, available in CMYK, transparent, white, and primers, specially formulated to provide vivid colors, excellent details, and stunning texture and size effects.


In addition, the new white ink has a higher opacity, making it more effective when used as a primer or when printing on transparent film or dark paper. With advanced print head technology for precise point placement and control, and new larger and more powerful LED lights, it can achieve higher print quality, better color saturation, and faster ink curing. With a new optimized cleaning and maintenance sequence, it helps to keep the print head clean.


Like the 2513 series printers, the 6090 uses UV-LED lamps to instantly cure the ink, making it easy to print directly on plastic, leather, wood, fabric and other materials. It also allows users to add ultra-realistic graphics and simulated embossing to various items, including smartphone cases, prizes, souvenirs, gifts, leather products, electronic devices, etc. With the increase in height, the 6090’s working space has doubled, enabling it to print on thicker materials and objects, and to print more shapes by adapting to different jig sizes and types.


Said Jin Yumin, product manager of UV printers at Winscolor Technology. "We provide users with a wider color gamut, better color matching, excellent imaging, faster printing speeds, etc.. With their enhanced functions and simple operations, they make customers satisfied with the service.