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How to extend the working life of UV printer

UV printer working life and correct operation is closely related, whether ordinary printer or UV printer, in the process of machine operation, a little attention may appear more or less failure, which also adds a lot of trouble for the use of the process. But in the usual use can pay more attention to some details, can effectively avoid many failures, also make UV flatbed printer more convenient, effectively improve the printing speed and effect.

The UV printer is placed on the horizontal ground: due to the unique working mode of the UV printer itself, the site for placing the UV printer must be flat ground, tilted and uneven ground will affect the printing effect, slow down the work speed of the nozzle, thus affecting the overall printing speed. If not properly handled, serious damage to the internal structure of the machine. Try to place the UV printer on a flat, smooth ground, and keep the surrounding sanitation and cleanliness, to avoid dust or foreign matter raised into the machine.

Do a good job of UV printer cleaning: UV printer external and internal, should be regularly cleaned, do not wait until a thick layer of dust, the problem to remedy. UV printer external can be wet with a soft cloth to scrub, cleaning liquid must be neutral substances such as water, must not use detergents containing alcohol. Internal mainly refers to the sprinkler head, ink system, etc., cleaning these parts need to use special cleaning agent and cleaning method, for the dust on the surface, try to use dry cloth. When cleaning the nozzle and other important parts, be sure to follow the instructions given by the manufacturer, or ask the after-sales staff of the manufacturer to clean them.

UV printer should avoid heavy weight: UV printer and other household appliances, equipment, should avoid heavy weight. Some customers will place other objects on the platform of the UV printer, which is more likely to crush the UV printer shell, platform, etc., and some small things will fall into the printer. Beverages and teacups are prohibited, and liquids are strictly prohibited to prevent irreparable losses caused by liquids entering the machine.

Please turn off the machine before unplugging uv printer: do not use UV printer or need to move before doing a good job of complete power off work. Before unplugging, remember to turn off the machine, which can effectively reduce the possibility of damage to the machine. First turn off the UV printer power, let the nozzle reset and the ink box cover, and then unplug the power line and signal line. This can effectively prevent ink volatilization, it is not easy to damage the nozzle when moving.